Afro American  Noses, rhinoplasty or African American rhinoplasty is a popular procedure among patients. Most of the time, patients of Afro-American ethnic origin, complain that their nose structures are too wide or their nostrils are too big.

Their demand is to have a narrower and more definite nose tip, smaller nostrils, a narrower nasal dorsum, and a narrower nasal base with nose job.

In these patients, it may be necessary to increase the nose tip support and narrow the nose tip, to implement alar base reduction, narrow the nasal dorsum and narrow the nasal base.

Another important point is the risk of developing keloid or scar tissue in some Afro-American patients. Therefore, it is necessary to hide the incisions in invisible folds as a surgical approach for scarless results.

In noses of Afro-American Noses ethnic origin, a nose shaping surgery should be planned that reveals the natural beauty of the ethnic origin instead of focusing on creating a uniform nose.

For this reason, we prefer protective rhinoplasty techniques in order to preserve the anatomical structures of the nose and to ensure that it has a natural appearance in the nose job surgeries to be applied in patients of Afro-American origin.