Ethnic Rhinoplasty may vary according to individuals as well as nationality of the individuals. Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey is a common procedure that we apply in our clinic.

Ethnic rhinoplasty, which is one of the best examples, is a rhinoplasty technique specialized for individuals having different nasal characteristics as Caucasian, African, Middle Eastern, Afro-American, Asian and Latin.

Experience and expertise of the doctor on Ethnic rhinoplasty and having knowledge on ethnic faces is very important to be able to apply these special rhinoplasty techniques.

Nasal analysis of the patient with Ethnic origin is made before rhinoplasty surgery and new nasal proportion is determined to have the nose in harmony with the face with a natural appearance.

Differently from classical rhinoplasty, ethnic origins factor should be considered in face-nose harmony and new shape of the nose should be specified accordingly.

People from the same ethnic origin have similar nasal characteristics. When it is considered that facial anatomic features differ in people from different ethnic origins, surgical planning should be made specific for each ethnic origin. Each ethnic origin involves differences in terms of skin and structure of the nose.

Well planned techniques for a Caucasian nose may not match the nose of a Middle Eastern, Afro-American, Latin or Asian patient. While reduction rhinoplasty is intended to correct nasal hump in Caucasian noses, narrowing wide the nasal base and lifting nasal tip may be requested in Asian rhinoplasty.

To obtain successful rhinoplasty results, details of each nose should be defined and handled uniquely. Instead of focusing on creating prototype noses, our key target is performing a nose shaping surgery improving your origin and showing respect to its nature by revealing natural beauty of ethnic origin.

Applying closed techniques in ethnic rhinoplasty which minimize tissue damage and accordingly protect anatomic structures of the nose in the best way, enables obtaining much more successful and natural results.

As Istanbul Rhinoplasty Clinic, we prefer protective rhinoplasty techniques to obtain natural results showing respect to ethnic origin of our patients.