Why is Closed Rhinoplasty My First Choice?

Patients who are interested in having nose job in Turkey or rhinoplasty in Turkey as well as those who are interested in nose job Istanbul or rhinoplasty in Istanbul would like to know about the details of closed rhinoplasty Turkey and best rhinoplasty surgeon Turkey.

Rhinoplasty Techniques ,in rhinoplasty surgeries, 2 basic techniques are applied, which are open and closed. As a doctor, I perform rhinoplasty surgeries with both techniques according to the needs and expectations of the patient. However, I try to prefer the closed rhinoplasty technique as much as possible in the technique that I determine specific to the person.

In fact, the first question that I try to answer for every patient who applies for rhinoplasty is ‘Can I perform this nose operation with closed rhinoplasty technique?’ In the first place, I prefer the closed technique which I prioritize in my practice, which protects the anatomical structures of the nose, has less tissue damage, which I believe brings natural and permanent results.

With developing devices and our application techniques, we can reach all structures including nasal tip cartilage like in open rhinoplasty with the developed closed rhinoplasty technique (Combination Rhinoplasty) and we can also perform maneuvers used in the open technique in closed rhinoplasty operations as well without disturbing the anatomical structures of the nose.

Most of the time, I would like to learn what my patients who applied to my clinic know about closed and open rhinoplasty. The answer I often receive is “In the closed technique, no skin incision is made in the area between the nostrils and therefore there is no risk of incision and scar in this area.

” Yes, the answer is true but incomplete! Absence of skin incision is one of the advantages of closed rhinoplasty surgeries. But it is not the most important one! Nasal ligaments, which are among the foundations of the anatomical structure of the nose, are protected with closed rhinoplasty surgeries.

Why are Nasal Ligaments so important?

There is a ligament system (Pitanguy ligament) which starts under the skin just behind the nasal tip, wraps the nasal tip cartilage and nose section and ends at the nasal base.

This ligament system fixes the nasal skin to the cartilage skeleton under it as well as keeping the cartilage together by connecting the nasal tip cartilages without disturbing the flexibility of the nasal tip. In surgeries performed by disrupting this ligament system, an accumulation in nasal tip cartilages, a decrease in the height of the nasal tip, i.e. dropping in the nasal tip may occur.

To be able to control this loss of height that occurs in the nasal cartilage skeleton and to raise the nasal tip, we have to put additional cartilage pieces (grafts) on the nasal cartilages in most patients.

Rhinoplasty Techniques, nasal tip cartilages create contours under the nasal skin, showing the light and shadows that exist in human nature. However, grafts placed on the tip of the nasal cartilages cause these lights to disappear, the nasal tip to be distorted and nasal tip to become unnatural in visual terms.

Therefore, this ligament system plays a critical role in the formation of the aesthetic details inherent in the nature of the nose. As we preserve these ligaments in closed rhinoplasty, there is no accumulation in the nasal tip cartilages, there is no need to place additional cartilage pieces on them and therefore it is possible to preserve the aesthetic details. As a result, it is not wrong to say that the nose is natural to the extent that it includes the details inherent in its nature.

What are the other advantages of closed rhinoplasty?

There are other advantages of closed rhinoplasty. In the closed rhinoplasty technique we implement today;

• Since the work is done under the cartilage membrane, which is more distant to the skin and tissues under the skin, vascular structures and nutrition of the skin are better preserved. As a result, less edema is formed after the surgery and it preserves its vitality and does not become dull in the long-term.

• As there is no incision in the nasal tip, nasal tip sensation returns more quickly. In addition to this, you can move your nose more easily.

When is open rhinoplasty performed?

In open rhinoplasty surgery, the nasal skin is removed over the cartilage and bone roof after an incision made in the area between both nostrils. In the meantime, the ligaments holding the nasal cartilage together must be cut. Then, the desired changes are made in cartilage and bone structures, and then the skin incisions are closed.

Who can have open rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty is preferred;

• In crooked noses with collapsed nasal roof that have undergone critical trauma,

• In the revision of noses that had their previous surgery performed with open technique,

• For those with excessive asymmetry in nasal cartilage,

• In patients who are not suitable for closed rhinoplasty.

What are Rhinoplasty Techniques?

What is Tip Plasty?

Nose and nasal tip play the most important role in providing the symmetry in the face. Because the angle between nasal tip and lips even changes your expression.

If the angle between nasal tip and lip is low, which means that the nasal tip is facing down and long, your expression becomes harsher. The largeness of the cartilage at the tip of your nose makes your nose look wider than it is.

The person you are talking to can continue paying attention to this symmetry problem and talk while looking at the tip of your nose. If you encounter this problem, nasal tip surgery, which is also known as Tip Plasty will be a right choice for you.

In the Tip Plasty surgery, the general and anatomical structure of the nose is not interfered with. The angle of the nasal tip is changed and it is made more defined by changing the shape deformities such as asymmetry, wideness, and nasal tip lowness. Tip Plasty lasts for 1-1.5 hours depending on the specialty of the procedure to be performed and your skin tissue.

In these surgeries, bruising and swelling generally do not occur since there is no intervention in the general anatomy of the nose. Especially in your eye area and nose area, there is almost no edema. There is no breathing problem since there is no application of plaster and tampon.

In this operation that is characterized as a daily operation, you do not have to stay in the hospital, you can be discharged on the same day. For this reason, you can return to your daily life very quickly.

What is nonsurgical rhinoplasty?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty application which is a good option for patients who are afraid of surgery but not satisfied with their noses, provides them to achieve results in their facial form making them happy.

Filler procedures may be applied to patients to whom changes may be made without rhinoplasty surgery specifically as contouring a dorsal hump, lifting drooping nasal tip by small touches.

What are nonsurgical rhinoplasty applications?

Nasal Filler

Filler injection applications, one of the indispensable medical aesthetic applications preferred for their reliability protect skin against time and aging with hyaluronic acid they contain, and may intervene in the shape of your nose. By nasal filler, aesthetic changes without surgery as correcting the nasal hump and drooping the nasal tip may be made.

The most important point in nasal filler procedure is not applying filler injection more than you need. Excessive injection application may cause your nose to appear much bigger than it should be.

Nasal Tip Botox

Botox which is one of the most frequently used applications in treatment of wrinkles on the face, supports lifting nasal tip by blocking the muscle between the nose and lips pulling the nose downwards when applied on nasal tip with its feature of blocking muscles.

You may also avoid movements of your nose moving involuntarily when you are talking by botox injection.

Lifting Nasal Tip by Thread Lift

Thread lifting, one of the mostly preferred methods by patients who have drooping nasal tip but are afraid of surgery, does not have a permanent effect and does not give a natural appearance.

If you want to have a snub nose, Tip Plasty surgery with much faster healing period and much lower bruising or swelling possibility shall be the right decision.