Otoplasty Turkey, Otoplasty Turkey Price, Otoplasty Turkey Cost are among the subjects frequently asked by patients. Prominent ear deformity is the congenital auricle deformity, which is common in the society. It is usually caused by laxity of cartilage in the ear or absence of ear folds.

Prominent ear aesthetics surgery or “otoplasty” in medical terms is an aesthetic surgery to improve the shape, position, or ratio of the ears. Prominent ear deformity is typically seen on both sides, but can also be found in a single ear of some individuals. This deformity can cause psychological problems, especially in school-age children and sometimes in adult men and women.

Besides, the use of elastic bands, also known as prominent ear bands, for babies for several months upon the recommendation of your doctor can prevent the prominent ear problem and eliminate the need for surgical intervention in subsequent years.

What is the ideal age for otoplasty?

It is relatively more beneficial to have otoplasty in childhood. By this way, the individual can take a stronger step to adulthood both psychologically and socially and can grow as a more self-confident person.

For this reason, the ideal age for performing this surgery is 5-6 years of age, which is a period before school and a time when children can adapt to dressings.

Besides, since the auricle is softer in these ages, it is much easier to shape it compared to the adulthood. There is no age restriction for adults. Adults can have otoplasty in any age.

How is otoplasty made?

In otoplasties, the surgical procedure is determined depending on the clinical characteristics of the patient. The surgery can be made under local or general anesthesia depending on the age of the patient. There are many medical techniques defined for otoplasty.

For a succesful outcome, it is very important which technique will be used in which patient. Here, the experience of the surgeon gains importance. Typically, a skin incision is made behind the auricle, so no incision scar is seen. During the surgery, the auricle is reshaped by twisting with stitches in the back direction.

In cases that the cartilage structure is strong and hard, the auricle cartilage is weakened. After the operation, all the folds of the ears are covered with antibiotic cotton and are bandaged to cover the head.

How is the healing process after otoplasty?

On the first day after surgery, the patient may have mild pain and the pain decreases day by day without causing a negative effect on daily life activities. Besides, after surgery, there may be a slight swelling or bruising in the auricle that will disappear within a few days.

According to the patient’s recovery status, the operated ear remains with an ear bandage for 2-3 days, and patients wear special bandanas and put pressure on the auricle during the next two weeks.

In this period, the patient can almost return to his/her normal daily life activities. On the 4th day after the surgery, the patient can take a quick warm shower.

Most patients can return to work within 6-7 days but they should avoid overexertation and exercise for 3 weeks. Besides, it is necessary to protect the auricle from the traumas in the first three months after the surgery.

How is the price of otoplasty is determined?

The price for otoplasty varies depending on whether there is a problem in both ears, the difficulty of the procedure to be made and the general condition of the patient.