Many Latin patients complain of the flatness of the nasal dorsum or dorsal hump, and this type of nasal dorsum causes the nose to look much wider than it is. Hispanic Noses, in latin patients, nostrils and nose tip may be wide and nose skin may be thick.

In many patients, nasal dorsum should be intervened in with the Hispanic noses job to be performed. The nasal dorsum should be made straight or curved to match the patient’s face. Patients may want a more refined, more defined appearance on their nose tips.

We prefer to respond these demands of Latin patients by strengthening the nasal tip cartilage instead of using cartilage grafts placed on the nasal cartilage. In this way, while the tip of the nose becomes more defined, the natural appearance is preserved. Additionally, in some patients, nasal wings should be intervened in.

We pass through the points you are concerned about in your meeting with Dr. Dinc and we can create a special Latin rhinoplasty surgery plan to create an appearance featuring the characteristics of your ethnic structure and revealing the most beautiful aspects of your face. For this reason, Latino rhinoplasty Turkey, or Hispanic rhinoplasty Turkey, is the ideal procedure for many patients.