Female rhinoplasty surgery is much different than male rhinoplasty surgery. Because female nose is more aesthetically sensitive, more defined and more attractive than male nose. Above all, with the changing aesthetic view today, many women prefer natural rhinoplasty applications.

Many women want to have nose job in Turkey, rhinoplasty in Turkey. A high portion of them are interested in nose job Istanbul, rhinoplasty in Istanbul. Closed rhinoplasty and preservation rhinoplasty are among the most preferred methods since they preserve naturalness.

How is female rhinoplasty planned?

Female Rhinoplasty, it is very important that the nose and face analysis of the patient is well-made. Photographs taken from different angles and computer-aided simulation studies are very useful in this regard. The golden ratio, balance and symmetry of nose and face should be compatible. The structure of cheekbones, eyebrows, forehead, chin tip should be evaluated very well.

The nose should be made compatible with all these factors. If the nose is not compatible enough, the first thing to draw attention in the face is the nose. When the nose is made compatible with the face, eyes and lips are the first places that draw attention. The looks should slide to eyes and eyebrows instead of fixing on the nose that is incompatible.

What are the characteristics of the female nose?

Male nose and female nose have aesthetically different characteristics.

• The rotation of the nasal tip in women is completely different from the male nose. While the angle between the nose and the lip in men is around 90-95 degrees; in women, this angle is between 105-110 degrees.

• The angle called “Suptratip Break Point”, which makes the nose look much more beautiful and raised and is the upper breaking point of the nose as the junction area of the nasal tip and dorsum in female nose.

• Women who want to have rhinoplasty surgery want the nasal ridge curve providing beautiful appearance from us, surgeons. The curve proportion is given according to the person‘s face shape and characteristic. This curve providing a more feminine appearance to the nose is not preferred by men.

• The nasal tip is much more definite in women compared to men. In female rhinoplasty, the nostrils should be elliptical when viewed from the side and partially visible when viewed from the front.

• The female nose may also be shorter in size than the male nose.

As a result, short noses with curvy nasal dorsum, high rotation, thin nasal dorsum and definite nasal tip provide a more feminine appearance.