Male Rhinoplasty, while women have shown more interest in rhinoplasty in the past, more and more men have started to demand rhinoplasty in recent years. Men are showing interest in having nose job in Turkey, rhinoplasty in Turkey. We can say that the rates of rhinoplasty have become almost equal in men and women.

How? Almost 50% of our patients who apply to our clinic for rhinoplasty are men. Many of them are interested in nose job Istanbul, to have rhinoplasty in Istanbul.

While some of the patients consult to us for both functional problems and aesthetic purposes, some of them consult to us only for aesthetic purposes. We encounter breathing problems alongside nasal shape deformity in most of the male patients who visit our clinic.

Most patients have problems inside the nose, which is also called septum deviation. Whereas the nasal problems that prevent breathing are eliminated by surgery in male rhinoplasty, aesthetic adjustments are made to protect the masculine expression if there is shape deformity in the nose. Closed rhinoplasty and preservation rhinoplasty are among the most preferred methods since they preserve naturalness.

How is male rhinoplasty planned?

It is very important that the nose and face analysis of the patient is well-made. Photographs taken from different angles and computer-aided simulation studies are very useful in this regard. The golden ratio, balance and symmetry of the nose and face should be compatible.

The structure of forehead, facial bones and chin should be evaluated very well. Nose should be made compatible with all of these factors. A nose that is made compatible with the face while preserving its masculine features results in the expression of the face becoming prominent.

What are the characteristics of male nose?

• The male nose shape and profile should be masculine, that is, they should look strong.
• The angle between the upper lip and the nose should be 90-95 degrees and the tip of the nose should not be raised.
• The nasal dorsum and nasal tip should be on the same plane, the nasal dorsum should be straight or slightly curved. A 1-2 mm curve on the nasal dorsum can cause a feminine appearance which can result in the disruption of the masculine expression. Therefore, male rhinoplasty is a surgery that is more difficult and requires much more experience compared to female rhinoplasty because masculine appearance depends on millimeters. This is perhaps the most important point to consider in male rhinoplasty. While fixing the existing problems, the nose characteristic of the person should not be changed.
• nasal skin of men is thicker and oilier compared to women. Bones and cartilages are also thicker. For this reason, swelling and bruising may last longer.
As a result, there are 3 basic aims after the male rhinoplasty; masculine expression not being disrupted, the result being natural and the functional problems such as opening the airways are eliminated.

Male Rhinoplasty – Doç. Dr. Mehmet Emre Dinç