Let’s list the sentences you started to research immediately once you decided to have rhinoplasty.

• Rhinoplasty price

• Rhinoplasty cost

• Nose surgery prices

• Rhinoplasty doctor

• Rhinoplasty cost Turkey

• Nose job cost Turkey

• Rhinoplasty prices Turkey

All of these are the most frequent searches done by those who decide to have rhinoplasty on search engines. However, you should not overlook the most important one among these. Yes, if you have decided to have rhinoplasty, of course the price of this surgery is very important for you.

However, please note that it is much more important that this operation, which will positively affect your life and the results of which will make you satisfied in the long term, is performed by a qualified doctor who you trust in. For this reason, it is useful that you read this article if you are doing research about rhinoplasty prices.

How are rhinoplasty prices determined?

There are several factors determining rhinoplasty prices. These are;

The size of the procedure to be performed

The most important criteria determining the rhinoplasty surgery prices are the procedures to performed in the nose of the patient. Rhinoplasty surgery prices vary according to the characteristics such as the quality, duration, difficulty of the intervention to be made in the nose.

In a patient with only a low nasal tip, a simple filing procedure specified as minimally invasive such as nasal tip lifting or nasal hump is performed in a much shorter period of time whereas the revision surgeries of the patients who had surgery before can be in a wide array ranging to complex cases where the nasal tip is collapsed and cartilage should be taken from the rib or ear for revision.

The quality, difficulty, duration and the experience required for the surgery can increase the price of the surgeries.

Hospital preference

The second factor determining the rhinoplasty price is hospital preference. The price demanded from each hospital is different. My advice to our patients in this matter is to choose the hospital among the options that your doctor will offer you.

Because there are hospitals where the doctors are accustomed, feel more comfortable, feel like at home, know their staff and are sure that the care of their patient will be done well with their quality in nursing and patient care services. And your doctor performing the surgery in an environment where he/she will feel at ease is an important factor increasing the success of your surgery.

Additionally, most surgeons perform their surgeries with their own surgical sets and place these sets in certain hospitals. More specialized instruments are required especially for closed rhinoplasty surgeries and it is not always possible to perform closed surgeries with the surgical set of any hospital.

For this reason, I want to place my surgical sets in hospitals with different price alternatives and perform my rhinoplasty surgeries of first priority in these hospitals. Also, postoperative patient care and hospitality services of hospitals can also have an impact on the price.

Doctor preference

The third factor determining the price is doctor preference. Each doctor can determine a different price for the procedure that she will perform. When I evaluate from the patient‘s point of view, I think the experience of the surgeon and especially the fact that he/she is focused on nose surgeries are important.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery which is difficult to obtain good results and require experience. The role of the doctor is important in the success. I explain the importance of the doctor’s role to my patients with the following example: If 3 different surgeons had operated the same nose, we would see that each result is different from each other.

The result varies according to the surgeon who has performed the surgery. For this reason, my advice to my patients is to act by doing research focused on experience and patient satisfaction instead of being price-oriented when they decide to have rhinoplasty surgery.