Middle Eastern Noses, the nose structure is similar in most people of Middle Eastern ethnicity. Middle eastern nose job is a surgery that we perform generally on Middle Eastern patients.Generally, since nose tip support is low, nose tip is droopy, wide, and less definite. Generally, there is a noticeable nasal hump. Nasal base can be wide. While the skin thickness varies, thick skin structure is commonly seen.

In the Middle Eastern Noses job, it may be necessary to make the nose tip support explicit by increasing it, narrow the nose tip if it is wide and adjust the nasal hump and narrow the nasal base. In noses of Middle Eastern ethnic origin, a nose shaping surgery should be planned that reveals the natural beauty of the ethnic origin instead of focusing on creating a uniform nose.

For this reason, we prefer closed rhinoplasty technique in order to preserve the anatomical structures of the nose and to ensure that it has a natural appearance to be applied in patients of Middle Eastern origin. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty Turkey is a highly preferred procedure.