Revision Rhinoplasty Prices, many patients who are interested in revision rhinoplasty Istanbul would like to learn about revision rhinoplasty cost Turkey and revision rhinoplasty price Turkey. Revision rhinoplasty surgery costs vary according to the size of the procedure to be performed, hospital preference and doctor preference.

The procedures to be performed in revision rhinoplasty may be very different. The attempt that will be done may be a simple filing in case there is only a nasal hump or a procedure limited with nasal tip in cases where the nasal tip has dropped, whereas it can also be in a wide array ranging to much more difficult cases where cartilage, bone roof is collapsed, there is no cartilage reserve and there is a need for cartilage removal from the rib and ear for reconstruction.

Since revision rhinoplasty operations have different features from person to person, it is not possible to give a fixed price and the costs of revision rhinoplasties are determined completely patient-specific.
Another factor that determines the cost of revision rhinoplasty prices is the doctor preference.

Doctor preference is very important since the revision rhinoplasty operations are surgeries that require experience. Therefore, each doctor may determine a different price for the procedure that she/he will perform.

Hospital preference is also among the factors determining the cost. Because each hospital demands a different cost according to the service it provides. As revision rhinoplasty surgery is among the surgeries with a long operation period, the cost increases.

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